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Storage lockers

Dear visitors, we would like to make your visit more pleasant and therefore we have prepared for you the possibility of keeping your belongings in a lockable cabinet for a short time.

Please pay attention to the following conditions and instructions for using the electronic lock located on the door of the cabinet:

  1. Cabinets are not intended for the deferment of cash, identity papers, valuables, animals, hazardous substances,
  2. For security reasons, items can not be left in the lockers until the next day.
  3. For the next 36 hours, you can pick up your stuff. At the end of this period, the items will be liquidated.
  4. To pick up things after a set deadline or for any help, please contact the Center Security Center at 547 423 658.
  5. Do not enter PIN in the presence of unknown people. Do not put inappropriate combinations, such as 1,1,1,1 or 1,2,3,4.
  6. The administration of the center is not responsible for the contents in the customer cabinets. The visitor puts his things at his own risk.
  7. For your safety, the cabinet area is continuously monitored by the camera system.


We look forward to your visit

Olympia Brno