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Olympia Brno has a capacity of 4 027 parking places available, which are distributed evenly in front of each entrance to the shopping centre.

Part of the parking places is located in the parking house and on the roof of the Asko department store. Parking at Olympia is naturally free of charge. There are enough parking places for disabled persons, for parents with children, for mothers-to-be, as well as parking for the motorcycles. The parking lot is continuously watched by our security agency.


If you go to Olympia with children, you can use our special parking lot for parents with children and mothers-to-be. It is wider, and thus more comfortable and safer than the standard parking area. Moreover, it is placed directly in front of the entrance and the pedestrian zone, so your children are much safer. The parking lot is located in front of the entrance to the Fashion Mall, nearby the bus terminal, and in front of the Humanic store leading to the newest stage of the centre from the direction of the Olympia park. Do not hesitate and use comfortable parking for your greater safety.