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Bageterie Boulevard

Bageterie Boulevard

Bageterie Boulevard is a modern, dynamically evolving concept of fast food restaurants with French charm. Our specialty is crunchy baguettes filled with original and, above all, high quality raw materials, always baked and freshly prepared to your liking.

You can also enjoy a special seasonal menu, which is prepared for the BB by the most famous chefs and is changed every three months. You can also find honest and original soups, sophisticated desserts, sweet pastries, yoghurts and fresh vegetable and fruit salads or a special rich breakfast menu. Wonderful food can be enjoyed with home-made ice tea, fruit smoothies or hot ginger tea.

Bageterie Boulevard is a restaurant for a busy urban man who, despite hurrying, does not want to compromise. For a person who wants to enjoy a balanced, high quality and healthy product in an inspiring environment.

We are the holder of the prestigious Superbrands award for 2014