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Olympia - amazing shopping and entertainment experiences in the centre, which thanks to its architecture markedly differs from the existing competitive projects in the Czech Republic.



Strategic location with extensive catchment area supports the apprehension of Olympia as a significant regional centre with international clientele. Olympia presents a great opportunity for businessmen, who are able to make use of all the advantages of this unique, above-standard business centre in the Czech Republic.

Brno is the county seat of the South Moravian region, with its extent being the fourth largest region in the Czech Republic, and being the third largest regarding population. Brno is located on a strategic road between Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. With its 380 000 inhabitants it represents a very strong economic potential for investors.



Olympia Brno is very well placed strategically on the south edge of Brno, as a direct continuation of the Prague - Brno motorway exit for Bratislava. The D2 motorway to Bratislava runs directly alongside the plot. The connection of good traffic availability, both for individual traffic and for the city public transport, and of excellent visibility makes this locality a perfect place for shopping and fun.

Catchment area within 30-minute drive 800 000 inhabitants
Catchment area within 60-minute drive 1 600 000 inhabitants